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Technical Committees


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Technical Committees

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Technical Committees

The activities of KoREMA are carried out through technical committees.

Automatic Control

Modeling, simulation, identification · Adaptive, robust, stochastic control · Optimization methods, optimal control · Neural and learning systems · Fuzzy control Applications and implementations of control system in industry (process industry, manufacturing, marine systems, etc.) · Components, equipment and instrumentation in automation

Established 1978, 27 symposia until now.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical instrumentation · Biomedical signal processing · Medical imaging Biomedical sensors and tranducers · Ultrasound (diagnosis and therapy) · Biotelemetry · Electrical and magnetic stimulation · Dosimetry and radiotherapy · Biomedical effects of electromagnetic fields · Biomechanics · Functional stimulation and rehabilitation · Modeling and simulations · Medical informatics · Clinical engineering · Health information systems · Expert and decision support systems · BME education

Established 1977, 11 symposia and 1 seminar until now.

Circuits, Systems and Signals

Linear and nonlinear circuits and systems theory · Chaos Modeling and simulation · Filters: analog, digital and switched capacitor · Digital and analog signal processing and applications in control communications and radar · Spectral analysis · Architecture and hardware of digital signal processing · Graph theory and applications · Multidimensional systems and signal processing · Digital image processing · Neural networks and applications · Signal coding · Adaptive signal processing · Speech processing FFT and algorithms

Established 1993, 3 symposia until now.


Advanced computer architectures and algorithms, principles, design and simulation VLSI design (full custom and PLD) · Design simulation · Parallel algorithms and programming · Real time computing · Computer networks and network information services · Multimedia · Artificial intelligence and expert systems · Computer graphics and image processing · Robotic languages and simulators

Established 1969, 17 symposia until now.

Economics and Technical Development

Established 1994.


Computer aided instruction and systems for aid in learning · Laboratory equipment and experiment · Efficient ways for teaching · Review of faculty programmes and curriculum · Practicals research projects, and other educational activities · Multimedia in education · Interaction between industry and Universities

Established 1976, 12 symposia until now.

Electrical Drives and Power Electronics

Electric drives Power electronics · Control of electrical drives · Diagnosis in DC and AC electrical motors and electrical drives · Applications (including energy saving)

Established 1979, 10 symposia since then.


Electronic technology and materials · Electronic devices Optoelectronics: optoelectronic devices and systems, sensors and interfaces · Monolithic and hybrid integrated circuits · Analog and digital circuits · Design methodology · Testability and testing

Established 1994, 3 symposia since then.

Energy Management

Availability and efficiently use of conventional energy sources · Availability and possibility for use of alternative renewable and not renewable sources · Developing processes with better efficiency · Energy conservation in production and consumption

Established 1971, 20 symposia until now.


Computer aided manufacturing (CAM: manufacturing information systems, resource - requirements planning, materials and assurance · Computer aided design (CAD): CAD software and applications, numerical methods in analysis, design for assembly, process planning, design methodology for computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) · Special applications

Established 1970, 5 symposia until now.


Metrology and quality assurance · Uncertainity of measurement · Test an calibration laboratories · Construction and production of measuring instruments · Geodesy and cartography · Electric power system measurement · Industrial measurement · Acoustic measurement · Tricoordinate measurement · Surface topology · Optoelectronical instrumentation and measurement

Established 1976, 34 syposia until now.


Electromagnetic fields and antennas · Microwave elctronics · Satellite communications · Mobile communications · Optical communications TV signal processing and transmission · Electromagnetic compatibility · CAD in communications · Integrated digital networks · Electroacoustics

Established 1974, 14 symposia until now.


Robot dynamics and control · Robot sensors and actuators · Multirobots, mobile robots and autonomuos systems · Mechatronics and microrobotics · Robot intelligence (vision, speech, inferencing, etc.) · Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and machine tools (MT) · Dynamics and control of FMS and MT and discrete event systems · Computer integrated manufacturing (CIM, MAP, CAD, CAM, CNC) · Optimal, adaptive, intelligent and expert control systems for robots, FMS and MT.

Established 1970, 23 symposia until now.

Transportation systems

Automation in transport processes · State of the art of transport automation and transport automation devices · Maintenance of automation equipment in transportation systems · Expert systems in transportation · Sustainable development of transportation systems · Safety in traffic · Efficient energy usage in transportation · Combined traffic · Ecology in transportation · Public transportation · Disabled in traffic

Established 1977, 18 symposia since then.

Additional Past Events

From 1956. until 1977., 22 Seminars on Processes, Measurements and Regulation have been held:

  • 1970 - 1981: 8 symposia on Cybernetic in Modern Science and Society
  • 1977 - 1985: 4 symposia on Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • 1979 - 1989: 6 symposia on Technical Diagnostics
  • 1986 - 1991: 3 symposia on Measurements and Automation in Metallurgy
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